Tuesday, August 7, 2018

40,000 Hits!

Although this blog is actually the smallest part of my efforts, it’s an important part. With that in mind, I’m pleased to report that sometime later tonight or tomorrow total pageviews will break the 40,000 mark.

That pales in comparison to other fora. For example, one Tweet has been seen more than 450,000 times, and total social media hits is now pushing almost 5 million. But it’s still important for people to have a one-stop jumping off point where they can learn about the dark side of St. Dysfunction Grace Episcopal Church, Bob Malm’s “ministry,” and problems within the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia.

The other purpose of the site is to serve as a historical record. Once Bob Malm retires, the church will have an opportunity, if it chooses wisely, to experience a priest who actually believes in the Christian faith, and tries to live it. Once that happens, members of the church can do some serious soul searching about how they relate to each other, how they deal with conflict, and how they relate to the world at large — including dealing with people whom they believe are, in the words of Bob Malm, “dysfunctional.” And when they do, my prediction is that they will see that things actually are in a pretty bad way in the church. In other words, Jesus would have had very little use for a church where bullying, power games, gossip, and emails that speculate about the mental health of others abound. Yes, people at Grace Church are friendly and welcoming, but there’s far more to being a Christian than that. As things stand, all the church is in reality is a religious-themed frat party.